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silvrethorn's Journal
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Thursday, August 24th, 2017
5:38 pm
This is a test

Just wanted to make sure it was still possible to upload pictures to LJ. Here is my latest night-blooming cereus. It was a whopper.

Current Mood: mellow
Saturday, December 31st, 2016
8:58 pm
The cards never lie
I did a tarot layout this past Solstice, as I usually do. This time I chose the Wheel of the Year layout, with Yule at the top and continuing around until Samhain to Yule's left, with a card representing each solstice/equinox and sabbat. The card I drew for Yule was the Seven of Cups, the card of mourning. Shortly thereafter came the deluge of death--not only the celebrity deaths, but it looks like my next-door neighbor is losing his battle with cancer. The rest of the layout is still speculation, but there's one more card in this layout that resides in the middle of the wheel and represents the questioner. That one was the Five of Swords--Frustration. Bull's-eye. With that degree of accuracy, I'm really hoping the card for next Samhain is true. It was the Four of Staves, the card of celebration. After a start like this, 2017 needs to end on a celebratory note. I feel like we're not so much celebrating with our fireworks as doing our best to blow 2016 to smithereens before it can deliver one last poisonous bite.

Current Mood: melancholy
Sunday, December 25th, 2016
6:44 pm
It's been that kind of year
The kind that deserves a special version of Santa Claus to cap off its infamy. So instead of "Ho Ho Ho" or even Bad Santa, let's have Badass Santa to exact vengeance on everybody and everything that made this year suck.

Current Mood: cynical
Monday, October 24th, 2016
4:04 pm
What to do, what to do
There is a member of my writers' group who smells. It isn't regular, didn't-bathe BO, it's that bacterial stink that happens in skin folds that don't get cleaned out properly (the guy's fat and diabetic, among other issues). I can handle sweaty BO, but the bacterial reek has that something-died element, and I nearly visibly retched yesterday when the odor wafted my way. Does anyone know of any nice way to tell someone they don't bathe carefully enough and need to wash under the folds? The guy has kind of a fragile ego and would be appalled to know he's grossing his group members out to this extent, so I'm not sure how to approach him about it.

Current Mood: nauseated
Monday, November 9th, 2015
8:31 pm
We are having NaNo drama!
Somehow, my local area ended up with two municipal liaisons. Our regular ML, who is also the leader of our writers' group, forgot to renew her status as local ML when she registered with NaNo this year. She corrected her oversight, but in the meantime another person had been designated ML for our area. That's how we ended up with two ML's. However, the "other" ML, a 23-year-old who only recently moved here, is highly miffed that she isn't the one and only official NaNo ML, and she's refusing to recognize our ML as officially sanctioned by NaNo. Our ML doesn't really care, and I don't particularly care either, but there's another member who's quite status-conscious. He's started scrapping with the other ML over who's "official" and who's not, and the "other" ML is (understandably) feeling attacked. So she's getting sniffy and defensive, and "J" is getting sniffy and insulted, and, well, there's a little flame war going on in our forum. I'm going with the theory that our ML handed out NaNo 2015 stickers and swag, so we are, in fact, an official NaNo group, but getting all bent out of shape about it is a waste of energy. Besides which, nobody seems to be showing up for the write-ins anyway, so  the whole kerfuffle is moot.

Current Mood: grumpy
Wednesday, October 14th, 2015
10:15 pm
Quick villainy check
Am I right in thinking that "because she's evil," "because he's like Hitler," and/or "because he's a megalomaniac" is frowned upon by editors as a villain's motivation in a story? Don't publishers (and readers) desire more complex and relatable reasons for villains to perform their villany these days?

Current Mood: curious
Saturday, October 3rd, 2015
2:10 am
I got an emailed plea from one of my fellow writers group members today, basically begging me to rewrite a flash fiction for him that he'd written for a contest, or possibly anthology. Apparently he knows it sucks, but doesn't know how to fix it. I've won stuff, so obviously if I write his story for him, it'll do well wherever he sends it. Somehow I don't see uncredited ghostwriting for untalented amateurs as a desirable career path. So nope, nope, no, no, NO! And don't ask again. It's sleazy.

Current Mood: uncomfortable
Friday, September 18th, 2015
3:55 pm
Group dynamics
How horrible is it that whenever I see a certain member of my writers' group has posted a chapter to critique, I want to sob? It's not even terrible writing, just soo dry.

Current Mood: stressed
Friday, September 11th, 2015
3:56 pm
All of a sudden, all my male neighbors have shaved heads and ugly, unkempt, bushy beards. Is this look a thing? What image is this look supposed to project?

Current Mood: confused
Sunday, July 12th, 2015
10:56 pm
Ocala, will you please stop embarrassing me?
An 8-mile-long Confederate flag rally down our city streets? Really? Way to attract national attention in the worst possible way.

Current Mood: infuriated
Saturday, July 4th, 2015
1:34 pm
Pop quiz!
Quick! Is there anything less funny than poorly-written humor? And why is bad humor so much worse than any other kind of bad writing?

Current Mood: moody
Saturday, June 20th, 2015
11:44 pm
Midsummer Greetings!
Hope everyone has a bright and blessed day.

Current Mood: mellow
Thursday, June 18th, 2015
9:35 pm
Happy Birthday Cornerofmadness!
Sorry I posted late--I wasn't home on your actual birthday--but I hope it was a blast! (But maybe not in the Riza-with-a-water cannon sense.)

Current Mood: bouncy
Tuesday, April 28th, 2015
9:55 pm
And here we go again
I'm pushing to get my Camp NaNo project completed before the deadline, trying to work on the book repairs (which now include a whole new spine for the 1890's bird book because the leather original crumbled while I was trying to clean the rotted cardboard backing off it), I'm stressed and short on time--and today I find another manuscript to judge in my inbox. Perfect timing, RPLA. You people could at least tell me whether any of my manuscripts have finaled or not.

Current Mood: cranky
Monday, April 13th, 2015
11:43 pm
Happy Birthday to you, Evil Little Dog!
Now you're as old as me, ha ha! There is allegedly a birthday present headed your way from a company that's apparently not sophisticated enough to email a gift certificate directly into your inbox. I think they're going to MAIL it to you. Let's hope it actually arrives. At least if they get confused and mail it to me instead, it won't cost much to redirect it. And no, we're not dealing with Peter Stone here, believe it or not.

Current Mood: cheerful
Tuesday, March 10th, 2015
4:49 pm
Things happen for a reason
Remember that obituaries job I didn't get with the local paper back in October? Well, the new owners of the paper laid off a bunch of people a couple of weeks ago. The newly-hired obits lady was one of them. Not that not getting a job is a good thing, but at least it saved me from getting laid off after four months.

Current Mood: relieved
Monday, February 23rd, 2015
12:07 am
Court is in session
I got my first manuscript to judge today from the RPLA. I'm the initial judge for this one, so I only have to read the first 30 pages. Good thing--if I see one more adverb, my eyeballs will explode.

Current Mood: exhausted
Thursday, February 19th, 2015
12:48 am
Now I've done it
I filled out the form to become an RPLA judge. Tonight I got an email back from the contest committee. I've been accepted--I'm officially a judge. I'll be getting entries to read and score any time now, which is frankly scaring me. Here's hoping I don't screw up any aspiring writer's life with my incompetence, because contest judges actually have that power. And by the way, I didn't tell any of you that I'm a judge (wink, wink) because it's supposed to be a total and complete secret. Like the Secret Agent Man, they've given me a number and taken away my name.

Current Mood: intimidated
Wednesday, February 11th, 2015
6:09 pm
Now that was funny
I don't usually have dreams that are coherent enough to share, but the dream-snippet I had last night needs to be turned into a game show. Really, because it was about a game show. In this show, the (all male) contestants had to do something, no idea what, and the penalty for failure was a buzzer going off in the loser's shorts, right in his 'nads, sort of like a faux electric shock. The contestants all wore the same costume, tan body suits with ridiculous wire-tinsel semicircles shooting out from the crotch adorned with glittery squiggles and zigzags symbolizing the "electric shock" happening down there. The costumes had been designed by a famous fashion designer. This designer came prancing out on the stage in one of the tinsel-crotch body suits to start off the show, smiling and waving--and totally without warning, somebody up in the control booth zapped the designer's goolies with the buzzer in his suit. He curled up and dropped like a rock, and I woke up laughing so hard I cried. I'm not going to even try to psychoanalyze this dream. I'm pretty sure it was just my subconscious having an evil giggle.

Current Mood: naughty
Monday, February 9th, 2015
5:32 pm
I could be a judge!
The Florida Writers Association sent me an email yesterday asking me to be one of this year's Royal Palm Literary Award judges. Well, all past winners got the invite, not just me. Part of me is flattered, part is tempted, but most of me is going "Oh, no! I have to make a decision!" Decline and look like an ungrateful dick, or accept and lose even more writing time? Uhhh...(flails).

Current Mood: distressed
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